Website Services

High quality custom website solutions

We build strategic and engaging custom websites that reinforce credibility, communicate your message, and convert visitors into customers.

Our websites are designed to both be easy for visitors to navigate and for administrators to update. We also use programming best practices to develop solid websites that can grow and evolve with your business over time.

We tailor each project to the needs of our customer, providing the exact set of services that make sense for you.


We create beautiful website designs that match our clients' vision and goals, while also making sure that our websites are mobile-friendly, intuitive and easy to manage moving forward.

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We bring website designs to life on WordPress or Shopify, leveraging our years of programming experience and following industry best practices.

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To help attract more visitors to your new website, we carefully consider the SEO impact of everything from content to code in the development of your website.

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You have worked hard to get your website where you want it. Pass the maintenance to Mica for peace of mind while you focus on building business.

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Whether you sell just a few products or hundreds, we can develop an online store that makes purchasing easy for your customers and managing the backend easy for you.

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Blogs & Social

For bloggers, we build websites that integrate with and complement your social media strategy with shareable, mobile-friendly content.